• "We help brands delight customers, engage employees, and improve business to make a better world."

    We're Clutch.


Learn. Iterate. Solve.

Clutch is an experience strategy & design agency, fusing together our core skill sets of research, strategy and design. We help brands uncover new opportunities, innovations and transformations to enhance conversion, drive engagement and most importantly, increase happiness.

We specialize in a human-centered design approach, immersing ourselves in your organization to understand the overall end-to-end experience. Our mission is simple: create great experiences that delight your customers, engage your employees and improve your business to make a better world.

Clutch + ICC = Awesome.

Because Clutch is part of ICC (the largest privately owned IT consulting agency in the Midwest), our capabilities extend far beyond what traditional digital agencies have to offer.

Let’s create greatness together.

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