Clutch wins Best Healthcare & Wellness Interactive Work.

By Clutch 4 years ago

Clutch wins Best Healthcare & Wellness Interactive Work at the Ohio Interactive Awards for the NCTN Research Navigator project done in partnership with the Nation Cancer Institute.

In an age when 14.5 million Americans are living with cancer and 87% of American households are connected to the internet, Cancer researchers–those on the front-lines fighting the disease every day–were still using antiquated methods of finding and obtaining the valuable tissue samples necessary to discover new treatments. We partnered with the Research Institute at Children’s Hospital and the National Cancer Institute to change that. We were was tasked with creating an intuitive, centralized, web portal connecting cancer researchers, institutions and tissue banks online for the first time in order to speed the logistics necessary to conduct cancer research.

It was critical that the next generation of bio-specimen data search be web-based and accessible from anywhere. To do this, we linked five independent tissue bank databases into a single searchable repository, leaning heavily on HTML5, CSS and Javascript to create a simple, sophisticated way to perform complicated searches. We created a custom concierge service so researchers could ask questions and get answers quickly to help identify the right samples for their work.

This web-based tool, combined with NCTN Trial and bio-specimen data has made research faster and more efficient, cutting the time from trial concept to published article in half.

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