• Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Alternatives to appendectomy.

    When it comes to childhood surgeries, the appendectomy is most common. Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital found new, non-surgical ways to treat appendicitis and called Clutch to help educate families on their treatment options.

Comfort and inform.

Our team recommended a more engaging way to communicate with families with a mobile patient activation tool. Children’s screens are animated with a virtual friend and parents’ communication is factual and easy-to-follow.

Explain the options.

The experience uses illustrations, live-action video and thought-provoking exercises that take kids and their parents through information about their options for treating appendicitis.

Hidden digital gives families more choices.

The choices parents make once they’re in the hospital are just as important as which hospital they choose. With 40+ years of combined healthcare experience, Clutch found a way to optimize the consumption of healthcare services.

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