• National Cancer Institute

    Cancer research, quicker.

    Researchers with the National Cancer Institute and the Research Institute of Nationwide Children’s Hospital were still faxing requests to multiple tissue banks for biospecimen samples. Then they’d wait. And wait some more. Now researchers can cut the time—from trial concept to published article—in half.

Make it personal.

Cancer researchers are people, too. They like websites that are simple-to-use and easier to understand. Clutch created an intuitive experience that aggregates tissue data from five different tissue bank networks into a single, national portal. We added a custom concierge service so researchers can ask questions to help identify the right samples for their work.

We aided cancer research with hidden digital.

Clutch kept UX and design planted firmly in the context of the researchers’ needs. We knew they’d need a way to inquire about the tissue samples, which number in the millions. Now our concierge service is at their service.

Let’s create greatness together.

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