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    Worthington Industries

    Finding one voice.

    How does steel processing giant Worthington Industries maintain a single brand position as it acquires other brands? The manufacturer called our Clutch team to give it a digital presence as one brand, with one voice.

Dot com and more.

We ran with the opportunity to create more than a website for current and potential customers. The new WorthingtonIndustries.com also worked to connect more than 10,000 employees in 11 countries, who now know exactly what their brand stands for in the marketplace.

United we stand.

Together, we aggregated six websites into one, unified corporate site with a fresh look and tone. The updated site showcases the expanded products and services of Worthington Industries as it moves into new markets.

We found a sales tool with Hidden Digital.

The site is also a comprehensive, one-stop digital hub that reps across the company can now use to recommend products and services to customers. That means the site—created primarily for customer use—also works as a sales tool.

Let’s create greatness together.

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