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    McGraw-Hill Education

    Putting the fun back in fundamental learning.

    Nearly 30% of all 4th graders and 22% of all 8th graders fall below their grade’s basic reading levels. As a publisher of educational materials, McGraw-Hill Education called Clutch to help improve reading performance of 3rd-8th grade students.

Focus on fun.

Clutch recommended the client complement traditional teaching tools with digital gamification (ahem, before it was cool). The new application featured leveled lessons in a fun, self-guided educational experience.

Make it trackable.

This fully- customized, interactive desktop literacy program includes more than 5,000 activities, 480 lessons, 28 mini-games and 30 avatars. Reporting and analytics functionality allows educators to track progress of students and classes.

Build leaders.

Talk about success. Lexile measures, which indicate reading levels, improved 10%-50%. Teachers and administrators report fluency and achievement improvements across the board. What makes us proudest? Kids’ confidence and leadership skills are up, too.

We found literacy with Hidden Digital.

Clutch recognized the true potential of McGraw Hill’s most important asset—content—and breathed new life into it as a learning experience more engaging than ever before.

Let’s create greatness together.

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